0928-Being “American”
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More This Weekend.


Sorry for lack of update this whole week.  I need to catch up on 6 episodes of [Br][Ba] and the Hockey season started.  The LA Kings had back to back games on Thu/Fri so I did do some rough sketches on my tablet for a couple of strips but can’t get anything “inked” unless I can sit down for at least 2+ hours and focus.

So hopefully I’ll be able to get a couple of strips finished this weekend.

Justy’s Sister


I’m liking the look of Justy’s sister.  Although, “Helen” seems kinda old now and thus I’m looking for a new name for her.  I always liked “Priscilla” but that’s the name of one of my nieces, and I’ll have to give a bunch of characters names of all my nephews/nieces not to offend my sisters or something lol.

Name research time.



Welcome to the REBOOT site of Fool-Proof.  I got many stories lined up and penciled in, I just need to get them down on ink (digital ink in this run around).  For now, I am testing and trying to get this website going.

Peace and out.